Do you know the kiss Principle of the content marketing?

“It seems that perfection is reached not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away” – Antoine de Saint Exupéry

Welcome to the world of attention marketing, where the long stretch contents rules no more.  Yes, you have heard it right. The content marking landscape has changed, writing a long stretch keyword rich content may gain you a good place in search engine like Google, but in content marketing arena long stretch contents are no more in fashion. The potential client or the target audience gives a maximum of 3 seconds to grab their attention, which goes by the term attention economy.  It is not just enough to capture the attention, but you have to keep the attention economy constant throughout to keep the target audience engaged.  Failing to do so will result in the audience moving on and resulting in possible loss of potential client.

It is well knows fact that readers skip the contents to catch only the key phrases to comprehend what the article is portraying. And that’s why you should learn” the KISS Principle of Content Marketing”

The Kiss Principle

Unlike other, KISS Principle has just two agenda

“Keep It Simple and Short”

“Keep It Simple and Straightforward”

By abiding to Kiss Principle, you should how to know to cut the long story short.

Here are the 15 crucial steps to KISS your article:

  1. Use simple English! No one is going to look up dictionary to get what you mean.
  2. Use short sentences with one thought to a sentence.
  3. Cut the long sentences into short two or three punchy statements.
  4. Use short paragraphs, to avoid big slabs of text.
  5. Turn nouns into verbs. For example, ‘provision of’ (noun) becomes ‘will provide’ (verb).
  6. Use fewer words to get your message across. For example, ‘in close proximity to’ becomes near, ‘are in agreement with’ becomes agree, ‘despite the fact that’ becomes although.
  7. Keep voice active. Look for ‘by’ in your sentences and rework them. Make things look like people doing things, rather than having things being done by people.
  8. Avoid tautology or stating the obvious – such as new innovation, future potential, and mutual cooperation.
  9. Avoid clichés –such as cutting edge, world beating, revolutionary, and the deadly ‘moving forward’.
  10. Always share some knowledge with your reader! Don’t just sell.
  11. Avoid Generalization, if you must say you deliver excellence and innovation to your clients, explain how you do it and give real examples.
  12. In places where generalization cannot be avoided, back it up with facts and figures.
  13. State the sources of the facts & figures to raise the credibility of your article. Credible article gets shared more often in social media arena and goes viral.
  14. Address your audience directly. Use focus capturing phrases like “do you know? “, “Surprised aren’t you? But don’t overdo!
  15. Finally, Edit, Edit and Re-edit until you are satisfied there is no unnecessary word or sentence which may harm the attention economy.

The rule is simple, be ruthless to kiss your article (Keep it simple and short) or else kiss your content marketing a good bye!

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