Instagram Script to Increase your follower base

Instagram is a great tool to use to connect.

It’s casual and perfect for influencers, designers, Yoga Teachers, photographers, creative professionals, artists, authors, movie stars and anyone creative.

Firstly having a good profile of you own, increases the chances people will reply to you and work with you.

Think about it, who would you be more likely to respond to?

Sharing valuable content that informs, entertains and is fun helps.

You can see my profile here:

Make sure you don’t spend a lot of time on it, and use it only as a tool to connect, learn and grow.


















  1. Give before you take.

Before you message someone, comment on their post. Or share their post in your feed.

Make sure your comment is honest and from the heart.

This helps you establish a rapport before you even message.

If you do this a couple of times, it establishes a positive relationship.


  1. Personalized Messages

You should be creative on Instagram and send personalized messages. Don’t spam people – that’s how you will stand out.















Script 1

Hi (insert name),

Love the Yoga Asanas you share on your Instagram.

I personally have benefited a lot from them.

I run a company that makes Yoga Clothing and Mats called (XYZ). We are known for our high quality and supply to some of the best Yoga teachers and students.

You can check them out on our page.

Would you like to have one of our Yoga mats free of cost?

In return, we would love to have your feedback and you could share about it with your audience.

We will also be sending our mats to some of the world’s top Yoga Teachers like Eddie Stern, Deepika Mehta and Sharath Jois. We would be honored to add you to this list.


(insert name)

(link to website)

P.S: We will also be promoting your post to our followers, investing in advertising and thus further increasing your reach to potential students in your city.


Results You Will Get: The above script can be used to tie up with an influencer to promote your product or service.

Depending on your field, you can tie up with relevant influencers, who will promote your products or services.

This could be used by any product maker – from clothes, to sunglasses to FMCG.

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