Online Marketing

  • April 1, 2017

Our online marketing services will help you

Increase awareness of your brand among the target audience
Integrate seamlessly with your off-line marketing campaigns
Enhance credibility through best online marketing practices
Increase your ROI by measuring and optimizing your online marketing activities continuously

We will manage your online marketing by

Search Engine Optimisation- E.g.: Have a healthy Google PageRank™ for your website and similarly good rankings in other Search Engines (Yahoo and Bing)
Search Engine Marketing– E.g.: Place your website as the first link in search results for branded keywords and one of the top links for related generic keywords
Social Media Advertising– E.g.: Manage your ads in Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc
Managed E-mail Marketing– Conduct your email campaigns efficiently and effectively
Online Portal Advertising– Create and manage your banner ads in various portals
Online Media Planning– Plan and implement digital media campaigns through various internet mediums based on your budget