Social Analytics- An Overview

Had a jumpstart in social media marketing and now stuck somewhere?  Perhaps it’s time for you to re-analysis your social media campaign.

Social media marketing is better compared to placing a sign board in place where a huge crowd gathers, but is your signboard visible to crowd gathered or lost in the waves of competitors.  Is your audience a potential customer or just a sightseer passing by? You need to know, isn’t it? That where social analytics sure comes handy. It assists you to accurately measure what matters in social arena and re-target your campaign to gain the ROI.

Social Analytics the term was first coined by Lars-Henrik Schmidt, Danish Historian and philosopher in early 1980s. It can be finely summed up as social listening, monitoring, intelligence gathering to measure, analyze and interpret association between people and your brand. In simple term it gathers the data of your conversion over digital Medias and provides you with structured insights assisting you to take information driven business decisions.

It’s critical to understand what really has a value of social within your marketing initiatives and which social media channel is more relevant for initiative. Social media is a potential tool not only because your consumers spends more time on social channels, but also because they are also extremely engaged with both friends and brands, sharing activities and interests – often many times a day.  When you bring your brand to the limelight of social media it’s important that you ensure a social analytic program to help you evaluate and understand the success of customer acquisition, lead Conversion and social engagement initiatives.

How different is Social Analytics is from Web analytics?

At this point it’s crucial to understand the difference between the web analytics and social analytics, web analytics provides you with insight of your web traffic, referral sources and user behavior on your website, whereas Social analytics gathers and provides you structured insights from social networking sites about your customer’s sentiments, engagement, likes, sharing , user attitude and helps you build a data enriched consumer profiles and build effective marketing strategy.


Social Listening, Monitoring & Analysis

Social listening provides the aggregated data of what is being said about the company, brand or individual over the internet.

It provides insights about the trends over a particular time period such as real time consumer choices, sentiments and intentions providing you the enriched user database, including age, gender, interests, relationship status, socio economics, education and work history. The consumer behavior analysis and profiling enables the business and brands to tailor their campaign and content to encourage the user sharing and commenting over social Medias to maximize the reach of the campaign.

Now summing up,

Social Analytics assist you with

  • Better Information driven Business Decision making
  • Get to know your Potential Customers & Their sentiments
  • Control the marketing cost by targeted campaigns resulting in higher ROI.

We are here to assist you with ongoing maintenance, performance optimization and monitoring with regards to usage of your social media including administration, data collection and analysis, custom reporting and interpretation, troubleshooting and training. Just ask us how we can help!

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